DataCross Development Partners

DataCross stands for the combination of data communication and data compliance. To ensure the future viability of DataCross in technological and content terms, tec4U-Solutions GmbH has secured the support of experts within the framework of the  SiCoCheC research project that are considered absolute authorities in their respective disciplines. The partners perform the following tasks in the project:


DataCross – Product of tec4U-Solutions GmbH

  • tec4U-Solutions GmbH – functional concept/implementation concept
  • CLEVR DE GmbH – software development

  • Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz (DFKI) GmbH – software research
  • CBA GmbH – materials science

To enable a direct implementation of research results on the product side, tec4U-Solutions has entered into agreements with CLEVR and Mendix that permit the implementation of material compliance to be redefined on the basis of the Mendix software and cloud technology as well as their programming know-how. To ensure the software`s practicability and usability overall several branches and industries, we worked together with industrial & retail partners, that contributed own ideas to the software development.

Project partnership with CLEVR

CLEVR/Mansystems Deutschland GmbH, acting as a software house “inside” tec4U-Solutions, performs the following tasks in the DataCross project partnership:

  • Implementation of technical software specifications for the DataCross application
  • Ensuring DataCross software operation
  • Technical support for DataCross

As a medium-sized software company with more than 140 staff and 27 years of experience, CLEVR is globally engaged with own locations largely situated in Europe, in the Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia and Poland. Mansystems not only understands itself as a partner and “center of excellence” for individual software solutions in DataCross. Special focus areas for this are the digitalization of products and processes, and realization of new business models – i.e. provision of business applications in the cloud. Mansystems also offers customized integration solutions for connection to third-party systems.